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Universal dynamic to health service

Cellular regeneration

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Metabolic regulation

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The human of the futur

We've entered the world of war on the airwaves. The man of the future is the one who knows how to protect himself from the deadly waves in order to take advantage of the healing waves and improve his health.



Corpus spiritus

Neuronal regeneration

Celular reprograming

Metabolism management

Biologic reprograming

Somatic management

Psychosomatic reprograming

Our Clients Says


I came to see Bruno Pailliotet after a diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease of the Alzheimer's type with several symptoms such as: problems with language, speech, loss of orientation, inability to write and count, etc. ... I can say that there is a before and after Bruno. Thank you very much.

Veronique Zanin

ESF val d'isère

He saved my life

I was in agony, with a burning stomach, back pain, ovarian pain... I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I had to go to the emergency room because the pain was so intense. When I arrived, they took me first because I couldn't stand on my legs; their doliprane and Gaviscon's solution... I went to see Mr. Pailliotet, in two days my condition returned to normal.

Elodie Lovato

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