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deadly effect of cellphone waves on ants

What is described is what we have been going through now for years.

The 5G is characterized by 4 key data:

  • a huge spectrum of frequencies used
  • a data transit 100 times stronger than 4G
  • a transmission power multiplied by 3
  • an explosive multiplication of antennas

The 5G base stations in the 3400 to 3800 MHz band alone will emit twice as much electromagnetic radiation as the sum of 2G, 3G and 4G base stations combined. In addition, other 5G frequency bands are planned: 1427 Mhz to 1517 Mhz: 24.25 to 27.5 GHz as well.

In the near future, people living near base stations will be exposed to power density levels in W/m² that are at least 3 times higher than today's levels.

Indeed, this 5G has the particularity of having a low transmission distance, but on the other hand it has an incredible data transit capacity.
This makes it possible to envisage ABSOLUTELY crazy possibilities such as being able to collect and physically spy on everyone in real time through all the so-called interconnected peripherals (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc…), which was not possible before.

It is fundamental to understand that the more data transit capacity is allowed to explode, the more uncontrollable the use of data transit becomes.
Indeed, it is not because it is possible that they are doing it; on the contrary, it is because it is possible that some international firms can finally carry out certain projects for the total control of the world because their wealth exceeds that of the GDP of many countries: Bill Gates invested fortunes in the deployment of satellites around the planet and also in the development of biological tools that make it possible to reduce populations, the equation is complete.

To claim that they are spending mountains on all of these things so they don't use them to their full potential is sheer madness.
With these satellites, they will no longer need M.I.T. and Figaro to spread this spike protein, which Pf Montagnier clearly states is a key element in the spread of the virus.

Here is a summary of official documents on the 5G which made the official authorities ask for a moratorium.



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