About us

Your biological equation is unique. We practice biological decoding. There is no miracle cure, only a practice adapted to each case. Your body speaks, let’s take the time to listen to it in order to bring it what it asks for. It is not because your body does not express itself physically that it does not say anything. Our real fundamental work is the prevention. The medicine asks you to wait for the physical manifestation, critical alarm, to be able then to establish a diagnosis: you do not wait to have the brake discs destroyed to change the brake pads on your car.

Our center’s mission is to bring you what state-of-the-art technology is capable of achieving in the year 2000 with perfectly accessible means.

We do not invent anything, we only update what has been discovered some time ago: it has been more than 40 years that we know perfectly how to regenerate a herniated disc in the world of the racehorse.

Imagine what we can do with modern means …

We have the pleasure to welcome in our team Doctor Dr. Maria d’Angelo Johnson, as well as Denis de Sury a former Swiss chargé d’affaires who has been working in the CBD business.

the surface of the metal plate will have several frequencies that resonate, suitable frequencies.another plate another frequency that corresponds.the body is the same functioning.
a scalar wave
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