a white blood cell is chasing a bacterium.

We are permanently bathed by an ocean of particles, all more or less infectious, which can give rise to contagion in various forms.

To believe that particles are problematic is to expect total asepsis of the environment in which we are expected to exist for millennia, which is a total aberration.

There is an old Chinese military saying that it is useless to start producing weapons when war is declared, which is obvious.

But the body has all the potential weapons to get rid of everything, but you have to activate these functions in time.

Therefore, that is to say that starting to fortify your internal defense system when the infection is active is not very useful either, even though it is a big part of the solution, however it will be necessary to complete this work with external help on different levels if we want to expect a quick result.

Viruses are probably the most unknown part of medicine because they give rise for many to cold infections, i.e. totally asymptomatic for years.

It is therefore essential to have a preventive attitude and to detect them regularly.

On the other hand, the mode of reproduction of viruses is much more problematic than that of bacteria because it is not based on simple division like a bacterial strain, but on the introduction of viral DNA into a host cell to make it produce viruses.

This means that the body will always have the potential to produce viruses because it contains the genetic code of the virus in a large number of cells that are not dead.

Fighting a virus is therefore much more problematic because it is necessary to destroy the virus without destroying the host cell, i.e. the whole body.

Only the state of the immune system is the great variable in the solution because if it is weakened, the viruses will be produced again and the bacteria will be able to come and complete the attack which in the end will be fatal.

It is a matter of the immune system controlling the biological situation.

The current coronavirus epidemic reflects a constant phenomenon of mutation from old to new strains, as the coronavirus has been identified for a long time.

These mutations are permanent and rapid: it is therefore aberrant to want to produce a solution for every variant, cf.

Viruses need certain perfectly marked conditions to be able to carry out each stage of their development.

There are two possible strategies:

1) to produce a specific solution that makes no sense, since the virus will have mutated by the time the solution reaches each individual’s body, cf. the flu.

2) to produce a generic solution for the virus with some specificities (this coronavirus has a fat protection) which is a natural multidisciplinary approach that aims to destroy any possibility of the virus developing.

It is this second option that we propose through a biological dynamic, with the aim of vitalizing the immune system at the same time.

Pf Raoult makes it clear that we die from bacterial complications due to the virus and not from the virus itself, hence the idea of proposing an action with the broadest possible viral/bacterial spectrum with the most global dynamics.

This kit is composed of:

  • 2 devices (130E), a dynamizer (superoxygenation/energy) and a device to produce colloidal silver; which can be used for the whole family and for several years (cure/prevention).
  • of 5 products (110E plant/food supplement) that allow a treatment of about 2 months for one person in order to pass the critical period safely; or dynamic of 15 days for 4 people.

Each element of this kit has been the object of serious scientific research in order to obtain a convincing dynamic at the end of this complete protocol WITHOUT SECONDARY EFFECTS with FOLLOW-UP (recommended with powerful tools).

We recommend this kit 240 euros + shipping costs.

It is possible to be satisfied with the bare necessities: colloidal silver kit + basic biological dynamics at 140 Euros + fdp (0.7E/D).

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