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Covid Vaccine

As an introduction to this article I would just like to remind every reader that the vaccines are still in the testing phase, the first of which will end mid 2022 until 2024 for another vak6.

Doctor Denis Agret gives us the figures on the ANSM website.

25% of serious and fatal cases OFFICIAL ON THE ANSM website, this is not a possibility but a statistic that is more than confirmed: 1 case in 4.

Knowing that as a professional I affirm from my experience as a medical delegate that there is not one case out of 100 reported in the administrations and this report is well confirmed by many health professionals.

So if we want to be nice we can easily double the chance of death and serious cases, knowing that when your immune system is completely screwed up or your blood circulation is ruined you are not supposed to live very long especially in the hospital sphere.

So in short, we can expect more than 50% of deaths in the long run, and that's 1 in 2: the barrel of a gun is 6 bullets, 1 in 6: so this COVID vaccine is just more dangerous than a session of Russian roulette…..



Pavleski: spike protein is not a natural thing, it is a man-made weapon

Which brings me back to an article I posted just at the beginning of the pandemic on this spike protein, which the figaro wanted to play the musical coding of the amino acid sequence of this protein coupled with the vibratory recording: everything to make this protein precisely produce in every living being.


Doctor, former president of Pfizer.


Dr. Fourtillan is incarcerated without contact even with his lawyer and Dr. Serge Rader died of a nosocomial disease and not of covid.

Our dear sinister of fairness who explains to us that the detainees are not guinea pigs when NO VAK6 has completed its test phases which will end as soon as possible in mid 2022 until 2024!!!! WHAT IS IT CALLED?
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