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This is an exercise in style: this photo is one and the same tooth: part with all white enamel, having a rounded shape / former part with dark pink enamel, having a tooth tip shape.

The right side of the tooth was the colour of all the patient's teeth.

A few months after that, here is another picture of the same patient: quite eloquent.

First we notice that the colour of the teeth has completely changed to be much whiter, while the patient continues to smoke.

Then we notice that the tips of the teeth have fronts of enamel regrowth that are much whiter than the rest of the tooth.

Then, the small cavities have become rounded whereas they had rough and irregular edges, into which the tip of the tongue does not fit any more: it is thus that they filled.

Gingival activity is optimal with fillings that are quite unexpected for such a tissue.

To top it all off, the left tooth has been worked all the way through by a dentist, as we can see: all the part that has been exposed and worked on by the dentist is covered with enamel.

Our dental complex alone allowed the filling, rounding and smoothing of the small cavities.

We are the only ones to offer a tooth regeneration service, at the moment it is the repair of the enamel of the tooth and we are working on bone regrowth procedures which are now completed.

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