The dynamization of water is the basis of food, because « if our first medicine is food », our first food is water: we are more than 70% water. « Water is therefore our first medicine ».

The dynamization of water has been practiced in biodynamic agriculture for more than 30 years: 30% less watering, fruits twice as big and matured twice as early.

It only remains for you to imagine this observation on your organism: just obvious and colossal.

It will take a big week before it will bring you to a surprising biological dynamic.

For all taste lovers, this dynamizer is a revolution: it will allow you to potentiate the taste of your juices and wines (you will transform piquette into honorable wine and honorable into caviar!!!!).

Naturally I sold some to a doctor in Eugenie les bains, and I told him not to drink this drink after 4pm; he contacted me again 10 days later and asked me what was going on, that he couldn’t sleep anymore and that he had to take betablockers because his heart was beating at 9pm !!!

But I think that the most obvious example came from several « genius » consumers who, having bought this device with suspicion, first tested it on a weak plant that was growing in the kitchen: the plant started to grow back in a few days…

My system is by far the most advanced in this field.

We sell this device for 50€.

How is it that a baker has understood what science refuses to admit?

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