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To the next person who claims that homeopathy does not work in the eyes without flinching: I demolish his liver in 15J with a small adapted treatment.




An edifying observation: homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.

If in 1976 this researcher was able to CONSTATUTE the effectiveness of this approach through the so-called empirical scientific approach, we must therefore be seriously concerned about the obscurantism of the 21st century.

Indeed, homeopathy is proving its effectiveness every day in the veterinary world on cattle farms. Here is a thesis.


On the basis of these scientifically proven facts, it would be more than ridiculous to claim that cattle are aware of their substance intake: yet this is the argument used to discredit this practice.

No, the placebo argument cannot stand up to this example, to which it definitely cannot be applied.

Homeopathy has been proven to be a scientific fact that has been observed and recurrent, and therefore well validated scientifically.

I would like to add here an update on the studies of homeopathy carried out in veterinary medicine.

Out of 747 animals monitored, 79.8% of those taking a homeopathic product showed an improvement in their condition, with particularly convincing results in cases of osteoarthritis and epilepsy in dogs or atopic dermatitis, gingivitis or hyperthyroidism in cats

But even better, scientists have looked into the explanation of this phenomenon of fingerprinting at very low dilution have discovered that H2O water molecules were able to organize themselves in clusters, i.e. as a block, giving it this memory property corresponding to a substance.

The one big flaw in homeopathy is that it's an inexpensive therapy, so it competes commercially with the labs.

In my opinion, the only big disadvantage (not intrinsic) of homeopathy is that it makes you consume tons of sugar, whereas there are other potential supports for this kind of practice such as water or glycerine.

In fact, I practice bioresonance which allows, after analysis, to store information in different supports.

After this video, there can be no more doubts.

Homeopaty science with Phd Luc Montagnier
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