Microchipping the population with the vaccine

Fact No1: IDing the population

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bill Gates, founder and former CEO of Microsoft, has been heavily funding research into a vaccine to counter the coronavirus. What is the common point between a computerman and a vaccine????? VIRUSES????
Bill Gates is funding 7 vaccines to defeat coronavirus 5! He has invested $250 million
He alone contributes nearly 7% of the total budget of the World Health Organization (WHO)2.
The close relationship between Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO and former Minister of Health in Ethiopia is well known, as evidenced by a project at the famous Yale University.


Bill Gates also seems to be very interested in France and its Pasteur Institute for Vaccine Development.This would clearly not be his first collaboration as there have been at least 3 previous ones.


Fact no 2 Bill Gates = vaccine


This vaccine comes with an identification system.
The project is a formal collaboration between the Bill Gates Foundation and MIT.


It’s a « nano-tattoo », proof of your vaccination, which will be required to obtain a passport, which will describe you from every angle, down to the smallest detail of the iris.

Fact no 3 IDing + vaccine

Nearly 3,000 refugees in Thailand are said to have at least « benefited » from this device.


If this technology were to be coupled with cell-sized nanobots, such as those manufactured by MIT , Mr. Gates’ institutional partner, the potential for harm would be infinite.


Fact No4 IDing + vaccine coronavirus


Fact No5 all that was gently prepared



From a long time ago


the 2010 Rockefeller Pandemic Plan .pdf in support.

The world economy destroyed by a global health scam (a pandemic is at least a quarter of a population that disappears and hopefully this is not the case but economically it is) programmed for a long time and disclosed point by point in a Hollywood film 11 years before; Bill Gates and Mr Atali will succeed each other 5 years and 2 years respectively with a few months before the 201 event.



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