My job

your body knows perfectly well how to repair itself… it just needs a little help

There is no pathology (pathology does not exist in itself), but only the consequence of different dysfunctions over the years that lead to increasingly serious complications over the years (as in a motor): the main problem is complications (as is the COVID19:syndrome for SARS-COV2:virus).

A germ, a virus, a bacterium settles in a defective soil, a tissue in bad condition, and bacterial complications occur, considerably worsening the body’s vital functions in finite form as in COVID19.

I practice « biological decoding », the real thing. Your body has been talking for some time, you just have to listen to it and understand what has been done to it; it is an art that cannot be done in 15 minutes.

I just take the time to understand this process and attribute a proper strategy to it: there is no miracle cure but only a good fit with your personal equation.

The body is a bio-logical robot, so it is enough to take the logic of this equation and unblock by a multidisciplinary action what is problematic.

My work consists therefore in making a coherence between a work of metabolic regulation and a treatment by different machines, to finally harmonize the whole with a psychosomatic management.

The therapist’s job is to make a clear distinction between the main dysfunction and the psychologically induced one. Therefore, I do not make any diagnosis, but simply fix what is logically unregulated, whose emergent part is the visible manifestation that only doctors and specialists are interested in: that is why they are not qualified to cure but only to treat the consequences of a problem. This explains the reasons for the spicy admission of the failure of such medicine, which has forgotten that the only scientific attitude is prevention: but there is no money in that, A HEALED PATIENT IS A LOSS CUSTOMER.

You have a more logical consideration for your car than for your body: you don’t wait until the brake discs are completely worn out to change the brake pads. This is precisely what medicine tells you to do, where you have to wait for the physical manifestation (which is already more than critical) to start treating the consequence but not the problem ! We are definitely not doing the same job.

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