Quantic therapy

We work closely with:


  • a company that works with Sternheimer proteodies in various fields of application.
  • a company that works on globalizing quantum therapies based on astrology (name, first name, date of birth)…it’s quite surprising to find that it works.

What’s quantum therapy? (see article on the sound of covid19)

What is the energy quanta…

A quantum therapy is a treatment based on the undulatory aspect of the human being in particular, but which is addressed to everything existing (even the stone emits waves), whether this self in reading or in treatment.

At first the vibrations are read and after interpretation a certain strategy emerges.

In a second time one adapts an emission of wave allowing to correct, to rebalance the vibratory state.

I am obliged to note a rather astonishing effectiveness of the process

I work with scalar waves, among other things, but above all we develop tailor-made products with the most global strategy possible, i.e. taking into account the widest possible range of action on all time scales:
– short term with rapid cellular action
– In the medium term, the work of proteodies will make it possible to reprogram the dna
– long-term with an astral energetic approach, which is a fine correction that is part of the treatment time: it is a music that turns without you knowing it, but which is only for you, correcting you every day… Given the contracts with this company, it seems to work….

In this field where each personal equation is unique, there is no mistreatment but only badly adapted treatment.

Pf Luc Montagnier (even if the media may have led him into a trap recently) is a founding father of the quantum approach through work that cannot be denied with a simple flick of the wrist.

That’s not how you get into the world’s prestigious scientific academies.

The work of Pf Luc Montagnier and Benveniste was validated in the 70s by various approaches: my mother, a chemical engineer in Kodack, worked with a department head called Pouradier.


https://jcp.edpsciences.org/articles/jcp/abs/1969/01/contents/contents.htmlpouradier anne pailliotet


Mr Pouradier worked in the United States for more than 30 years in a large research center on gold and silver complexes… naturally this may be of interest to the photo processing industry

The verified and perfectly reproducible report is very simple: by diluting by 10 (one tube is distributed in 10 others each time) the particles in pure water a very large number of times which does not allow to have statistically one molecule per test tube, we do not obtain the electric potential of pure water, never.

At a given moment when 4 molecules are diluted in 1000 tubes, there are never more than 4 tubes that will contain one molecule out of 1000 tubes. Normally one should only have an electric potential sign of the presence of a molecule in 4 tubes and the other test tubes nothing. However, there are 4 test tubes that show a presence and the other tubes that do not show nothing.

Which is a clear demonstration of a trace of a metal complex in pure water. The vibration of the metal salt left its imprint in the water as a cluster.

Mr Pouradier and Mrs Pailliotet made the perfectly reproducible observation of the undulatory or quantum aspect of matter.

This simple scientific demonstration is more than solid and confirms the results of Dr. Montagnier and Benvéniste.

These last elements confirm all this as well as the consequences of the stated facts.




From this observation, everything is allowed to us and pseudo science has nothing more to forbid us.

An example of quantum therapy.

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