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Remote processing

Since the advent of quantum physics, science has just opened the logical doors to an absolutely fabulous world which makes it possible to explain shamanic practices and telekinesis among others.

We have just discovered that human beings in their current state only function in survival mode by exploiting only 8 or even 9% of their cerebral capacities. As the rest of his functions are not activated, he is unable to fully exploit his potential.

Here again, we are only updating and optimising with more technical means a possibility which has been validated as functional since the dawn of time through all the ancestral therapeutic practices of the world on the 5 continents.

We therefore offer various services in order to respond most easily to a situation of imbalance with various possibilities depending on the needs.

1) Thematic distance care.

As with any treatment, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the metabolic ins and outs of your own biological equation in order to work as adequately as possible.
A prior debriefing session is necessary to fully understand the global issues at hand: 50e
Distance treatment session: 40th.

2) Quantum synergistic group therapy.

The principle is to organize 4 times a month connections of energy flows at given times and to group them within a vortex of regenerative energy.
This technique, which comes from the depths of time, is incredibly powerful, as it allows to feed a cumulative flow of all the adherents and to add to it the powerful information of a machine.
This practice is carried out through a subscription that can be cancelled at any time for 7e per month. You will be asked for certain personal information so that this flow can be sent to you.

Contact me on 00 34 64 18 60 884, I am on the signal application.

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