Scientific scams

From reality to myth

This product does not protect against viral or bacterial contamination.

People do not die from H.I.V. but from its bacterial complications, which is AIDS; people do not die from SARS-VOC2, which is the virus, but from its bacterial complications, which is VIDOC19.

Have you seen a pandemic which means at least 1/4 of the population disappears? Influenza kills 700,000 people around the world every year and the Spanish flu has killed 30 million people.

How many times are they going to play a joke on us?

1) A.I.D.S. or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has existed for a long time, even in the animal world.

2) This syndrome can be caused by a variety of factors, including some recreational drugs that are highly immunosuppressive.

3) In addition, being infected with H.I.V. does not systematically lead to A.I.D.S., and fortunately.

3 sleepless nights are enough to be in an immunodeficiency condition.

Just because H.I.V., which is for many asymptomatic, can give rise to AIDS does not mean that all AIDS cases are caused by H.I.V.


The same is true for SARS-COV2 and the syndrome we want to systematically associate with it.

1) The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome has existed for a long time.

2) This respiratory syndrome can be caused de facto by a variety of infectious factors other than SARS-VOC2.

3) A diagnosis of SARS-VOC2 may have been made without routinely reporting a VIDOC19.

Just because SARS-VOC2, which is largely asymptomatic, can give rise to VIDOC19 does not mean that all cases of VIDOC19 originate from SARS-VOC2.


However, it is known that all the acute respiratory syndromes that are normally attributed to seasonal infections, which cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, and which no one talks about, have been systematically and scientifically wrongly attributed to VIDOC19.

It is obviously essential to force this virtual pandemic on our heads.

Oh miracle the long-awaited vaccine arrives knowing that Pr Raoult explains that SARS-COV2 is not immunizing and therefore any vaccine hypothesis is just IDIOT.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the tests do not detect the presence of the virus itself but the body’s response to the presumed presence of the virus (antigen), which is very controversial.

And now we are reaching new heights of ridicule: vaccines against COVID19 are being ordered while the tests are a real technical scam.

Pandemic story !
1918-1919: Spanish flu, 50 to 100 million dead, world population of 1.86 billion (no containment, no mask)
1957: Asian flu, H2N2, 1 to 2 million deaths, world population 2.91 billion (no containment, no mask)
1968-1970: Hong Kong flu, H3N3,1 has 4 million dead, world population of 3,91 billion (no confinement, no mask) and the economy continued normally, in addition, USA, Woodstock, 400 000 people, no mask, no distancing, only « peace ans love »!
2009: H1N1, WHO predicted at least 2 million deaths, no containment, no mask, no distancing, but thousands of vaccines already ready and sold to the government, Bachelot bought 40 million € (for nothing), she sold them to Africa, Bigpharma is well enriched.
« Event 201 », Bill Gates’ pandemic simulation!
2019: Covid.-19, as in the simulation, strange similarities, isn’t it Bill!
Subway – Work – Sleep, we erase people’s memories!
2020: Covid-19, world population of 7.7 billion, and Bill Gates who already sells us his vaccine for the fall!
Bill Gates it is:
GMOs, Bayer, Monsato
Fossil Energy, BP, Total
Armament industry
All these people, playing with your lives, WHO, Bigpharma, Politics, Shareholders, etc., on every floor is corruption and profits, if they were to disappear, it would not change anything in the health of people.
Politicians are playing the fear card, psychosis (PNL), and the shit is spreading it all the time.
As soon as Covid-19 can be the cause, it is put as the cause of death, so untested cases.
2020: There was no seasonal flu, people at the end of life, cancer and others, died from Covid-19, even suicides, cancer care did not take place.
Senior people in nursing homes have died of dehydration and starvation, but that’s Covid-19.
Bill Gates in Vent 201 talks about the urgency of reducing the world population, and today he offers you his upcoming vaccine to save you, and he is supported by WHO, BigPharma, Clinton, Obama, etc….
You’re going to have to wake up seriously there, the next on the list is you!

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