Do not confuse SARS-COV2 and COVID19 (coronavirus disease 2019), one is the viral strain, the other is the syndrome like HIV and AIDS.

Raoult himself specifies that one does not die from SARS-COV2 but from the bacterial complications that give rise to this syndrome, hence the principle of administering an antiviral and an antibiotic.

It seems quite astounding that the scientific community only focuses on the syndrome when it is only a consequence of a complication of a virus called SARS-COV2, which, if treated in time, does not systematically give rise to this complication by far.

It seems quite astounding that the scientific community can make scientific findings about SARS-VOC2 and not propose solutions to its own findings.

The so-called scientific community tells us that:

  • this strain has a fat shield.
  • is sensitive to oxygen among other things…

So, what conclusions can we draw?

It seems mind-boggling to propose a vaccine that has been designed to fight VCOV2-SARS without prior testing.

Our composite approach is based on a dynamic of simple and highly effective solutions that leave no room for possible recurrence.

What is better: a very specific answer valid for 3 weeks during the mutation of the strain or a non-specific solution preventing any development based on the modulation of certain body parameters.

The best weapon remains prevention: prevention is better than cure.

All this in a single audio file that you don’t have to listen to!

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