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An 8 year old little cat who recovers all his kidney function: 15 seconds of peeing before and now 1,30 min per pee and he drinks a lot more water. All cats have big kidney problems, it's even the main reason of their death.

solution pour la perte de poids

une personne de 130 kilos avec de gros problèmes de circulation et des grosses taches marron au niveau des tibias .

Publiée par NaturalcliniX sur Jeudi 12 mars 2020

I came to see Bruno Pailliotet after a diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease of the Alzheimer's type with several symptoms such as: problems with language, speech, loss of orientation, inability to write and count.

No treatment known to date by traditional medicine, so I turned to the less conventional treatments practiced by Bruno.

To this day he is able to find his way in time and his conversations and language have become coherent again, he has also made enormous progress in writing.I can say that there is a before and after Bruno

At the beginning i didn t want to appear publically on facebook so i used a pseudo alexis petit.

Well, I'll get started. Thanks, Bruno. I have a crazy potato, I do twice as many things and I don't even realize it, it's the others who tell me. After for my eyes my glasses start to weigh me down on my nose ahahah… I find myself taking them off. even my night vision has improved. I tried the machine of bruno I'm on my second session.
I want to tell everyone that I have multiple sclerosis which started two years ago with optic neuritis, I went from 12 tenths to one tenth in one month.
I regained my sight through corticosteroid cures and chemo at the rate of 4 hours a day intravenously. Bruno does this to us in just one hour and doesn't inject all the junk chemicals that my body has been ingesting for two years.
I still have those MS fatigue strokes but I seem to be resisting much better and going a little bit further.
My legs are fine but I'm going to have to lose weight because if I can't move around like I used to, I realize that it's because of the weight, I feel like my feet are working as they used to when I was well, because my left leg was having trouble, I was tripping over my legs.
I squeeze myself running, when I did it I didn't even think about it, it was automatic.
And that's when I say to myself, yes, there's a change, so if there is a change where it's visible, there must be a change in the brain as well, in the brain inflammation caused by MS.
I'm still wondering if I'm getting better, but what do the medical professionals do, what do they give us?
Well, I may sound crazy, but I wanted to thank you. Here you go.

I was in agony, with a burning stomach, back pain, ovarian pain… I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. I had to go to the emergency room because the pain was so intense. When I arrived, they took me first because I couldn't stand on my legs; their doliprane and Gaviscon's solution…

I went to see Mr. Pailliotet who deduced after one session that it was also a diverticulitis close to septicaemia.
In two days, my condition returned to normal, I strongly recommend it, he relieved me and above all restored me to health.
Thanks to him and fortunately he took care of my body.

This person had a serious motorcycle accident, and remained on morphine for a year with a leg full of steel pins.

A big thank you, 12 months of suffering in 3 sessions, no more over-joyed pain sufferers.

This is a person who has had resistant diabetes for years.

Thanks for the sugar, then?
Friday the 131 and today 101.

Here is a perfect example of my practice, I treat in one session a problem that teams of scientists are unable to contain, a patient comes to see me for a problem of recurring drowsiness. One session, a thorough treatment and strangely enough the symptoms disappear, I leave it to the person who will recognize himself the leisure to testify to the quality of my services, in any case I am very happy for him.

yop it's me the great sick, very satisfied with this little consultation, since the time we know each other on facebook, it's good to see you here … Now we just have to know if we can solve this problem definitively or if I should continue the treatment. Time will tell.

the same patient a few months later who comes to see me for another radius fracture problem that teams from France's largest medical faculty are unable to contain: they let him out with an unusable hand, being a professional welder of this hand of this hand, it does not go without some problems.

yes thank you by the way the wrist holds well for the moment and the same for the road today I drove 110 km to go to a construction site without any problem.

Just to thank bruno for the excellence of its products.
I got him a water dynamizer and some colloidal silver. Thanks to the former, the water I drink gives me more energy, agility, better alertness and less memory loss.
With colloidal silver I was able to treat my dysbiosis, I have less dark and depressive thoughts.
So thank you for your work.

I'm a doctor and it's not that easy to distance yourself from your university education.
As I was writing in response to one of your comments, it's not easy to change your point of view, but it's not easy to erase what we've been taught.
Ps: the cycle of krebs is very far away for me, more than 40 years, so indeed, I don't remember all the details but it goes beyond the carbons.
So I'm one of those idiot doctors.

Hi, would you like me to train you??

Sure, why not.

One day a person who was in a lot of pain came to see me with it and showed me his prescription… in the first year of medicine you learn that above 3 substances administered together you don't know who does what… but when you see the list of side effects with that you can talk about chemical suicide.

These are the testimonies I got because I asked for them on the last session…imagine the rest because it's always tricky to ask that of people….

But overall, if you are able to manage all this, it is because you have learned to listen to people and you are passionate about your job.

RNA polymerase transcription
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