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« What you hear is a multilayered algorithmic composition that reflects in the sound both the vibration spectrum of the entire protein and the rhythmic elements, but also the interposition of amino acids in the form of interlocking melodies, » explained group leader Markus J. Buehler, a U.S. scientist and engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He revealed that he had succeeded in transforming the coronavirus into a melody.

This article details how MIT scientists

1) recorded the vibrational spectrum of the

2) were able to transcode the protein sequence into music...

All this in a single audio file that you don’t have to listen to!

In viral development, the key point of spread is the ability to attach to host cells where the virus injects its genetic material to make its own cells produce the virus.

But strangely enough, it is precisely this key protein that has been the subject of this recording and coding.

« In the case of the coronavirus, this method has allowed us to learn more about the virus’ point protein, that is, the point protein that allows it to enter and adhere to cells.

I clarify and distinguish the two facts (encoding and audio recording), because Father Luc Montagnier has DEMONSTRATED in an IDEMONTABLE video (because in this case it is indeed a matter of facts observed in front of the camera!!): a vibratory recording is an organizing principle.

In this video, which can be accessed below, entitled « The Memory of Water ». It shows that an audio recording of the viral DNA allows it to be reconstituted from the basic elements, i.e. its amino acids.

It is a principle thus acquired that allows a glimpse of a world in which it is possible to create substances from the living only from their audio recording and their constituents.
But we are reserves of amino acids that circulate in our body!

We are talking about a vibrating disc and a musical encoding of the protein.

It should be known that for a long time it has been possible to transform a sequence of amino acids or protein into a sequence of musical notes.
This process discovered by Joel Sternheimer makes it possible to synthesize or inhibit protein synthesis only from this music that corresponds to the protein code of this protein.

In this audio file that you are kindly invited to listen to, you are dealing with two intertwined processes: it is difficult to escape from the synthesis in your body of this protein that allows the coronavirus to enter and cling to your cells.

We propose to develop on these same scientific bases, a solution to fight the coronavirus, by creating a countermeasure audio file to destroy this protein, and indeed the coronavirus.

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