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weight management

solution pour la perte de poids

une personne de 130 kilos avec de gros problèmes de circulation et des grosses taches marron au niveau des tibias .

Publiée par Bruno de Cugnac-Pailliotet sur Jeudi 12 mars 2020

Weight problems are certainly a major cause of medical complications in this era of sedentary lifestyles.

This example is emblematic of what we are capable of doing in this area.

In this particular case, a patient weighing 130 kilos, therefore in a pre-diabetes configuration, as confirmed by the condition of his shinbone skin, significant circulation problems and a degenerative metabolism.

Two months of treatment, 7 kg of weight lost per month without the body reacting, contrary to all diets that the body can only integrate as an aggression: after 2 months it's over, the body can't take it anymore! New pink skin reappears!

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